Moby Arena's updated court ready for action

May 14, 2013

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After four weeks of renovations, Moby Arena’s updated court is now complete. The early response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The Moby court design is the coolest around,” said head women’s basketball coach Ryun Williams. “The improvements made will surely help in recruiting, as well as game and practice play.”

The court, which receives minor repairs every two to three years, received its first major facelift since 2006. The renovation began on April 15 and included shaving down one-32nd of an inch of wood, and repainting the entire design.

Minor design changes include:

  • The words ‘Colorado State’ replacing ‘Rams’ on both baselines near the baskets. The text is now painted gold with a white outline instead of the color of the wood court.
  • Also painted in gold is the word ‘Rams’ above midcourt near the scorer’s table.
  • The Ram head logo, seen at center court, now mirrors the athletic department’s traditional logo with the face and horns painted in white, and outlined in green with a gold border. Previously, the white was replaced with the court’s natural wood. With ‘Colorado State’ now written on both baselines, the wording is no longer printed below the Ram head.
  • The Mountain West logo, which has always been seen near each free throw line, now has a CSU touch to it, being painted green and gold instead of the conference’s purple and gray.
  • The iconic Ram horns, which encompass the court, have remained the same. Some may note a more noticeable contrast between the stained horns and the color of the rest of the court. The color is the same as it was previously, however, and the contrast will fade over time.

The court will first be used for commencement ceremonies this weekend. The first official competition will take place on Aug. 30 for CSU volleyball’s home opener vs. Baylor.

“We’re constantly trying to improve our brand in all sports, and improving the look of Moby Arena helps us do that,” said Tom Hilbert, head coach of the volleyball team. “The improvements we’re making, both to the court and to the arena as a whole, are important.”

Home to the Colorado State men’s and women’s basketball squads, as well as the women’s volleyball team, Moby Arena has become one of the toughest venues in the nation for opponents. During the 2012-13 academic year, the three teams that call the venue home were a combined 39-9, a winning percentage better than 81 percent.