Checking in with Lobo Volleyball in Italy

June 7, 2012

Lobo Pallavolo Capi in Italia per Tour All'estero!

The New Mexico volleyball team has been enjoying its time abroad--mixing sightseeing and fine dining with quality volleyball matches.

The Lobos have done an excellent job of posting blogs on a daily basis to keep fans back in the States up to date on the events of the trip.

Below is a blog entry from junior Miquella Lovato. To read all the blog entries from the trip, click here.

Fans can also follow the team on its journey through Facebook (University of New Mexico Volleyball) and Twitter (UNMVolley).

Blog post - Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - Day 8

Hey Lobo fans! Today we started off the day by waking up in our hotel in Venice. They had a fresh breakfast for us downstairs and it was really good. We handed off our bags to have them sent to Slovenia. That was a great feeling because we finally didn't have to lug our bags around everywhere.

We then boarded the train to go Trieste where we got to see the ocean. Chantale Riddle didn't like the water very much because she doesn't know how to swim, but we still took pictures next to it. The water also had cute jelly fish in it. Overall it was a beautiful town and we got to eat at this really cute restaurant that had the best sandwiches.

Later we had a three-hour bus ride to Slovenia, even though I slept most of the way when I woke up it was beautiful outside. It was so green and there was so much land compared to all the other places we have been that have had so many buildings.

When we got to the hotel we had practice in the gym that is built into our hotel. Oh yeah, we love this hotel because it's a lot more American. It has normal toilets--that's my favorite part!

After practice we got on a bus and went to the gym where we are going to play. We had to wait a while until warm ups because a club basketball team was practicing. As we watched we noticed there was a guy taller than Megan Short that was really good. Some of the girls decided to tease her and say that he was showing off for her. She was very flattered. It was hilarious! We then played and we won in four games, but we played a fifth game because the other coach wanted to play again. We won that game also, which was good. Overall it was a good day and all of us are beat. Thank you for reading Lobo fans!!

--Miquella Lovato #21

Lobos in Italy, 2012
May 30 - Leave for Milan
May 31 - Arrive Milan 8:05AM, day of sightseeing, practice in the evening
June 1 - Sightseeing in the morning, Match vs. Italian JNT
June 2 -Match vs. Italian JNT, Dinner in the city following match
June 3 - Arrive Rome, Sightseeing
June 4 - Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters
June 5 - Arrive Venice, Sightseeing
June 6 - Depart for Maribor, Match vs. Slovenian JNT - Time: TBA
June 7 - Sightseeing, Match vs. Slovenian JNT - Time: TBA
June 8 - Sightseeing, Match vs. Slovenian JNT - Time: TBA
June 9 - Depart for Trieste, Lunch on the Adriatic Sea, tour of castle Depart for Pardenone, Match vs. Algerian JNT, Bus to Milan
June 10 - Lobos return to Albuquerque!!